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If your organization employed 20 or more people on at least half of your regular business days in the last calendar year and you currently provide a group health plan, then your organization is subject to benefit continuation under COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) passed by Congress in 1986.

As a service to its eligible clients, American Benefits Planning, Inc. provides COBRA administration services through MoneyWise Solutions, Inc. This service is free of charge to you, but requires an initial set up phase, which usually occurs in conjunction with your group insurance enrollment/renewal.

If you wish to find out if you are eligible for this service, please contact us directly.

If you are already enrolled through MoneyWise Solutions, Inc., you may contact them directly with questions and/or assistance with your COBRA administration.

You can reach them at 888-994-9392 (phone & fax) or via email at

For answers to frequently asked COBRA questions, please visit the Department of Labor’s COBRA page.



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